Why Learn With FrenchBytes?

Emphasis On Understanding The Building Blocks

If you are trying to memorize phrases for travel, you might just be better off walking around with Google Translate in your fanny pack. Here, the focus is on being the creator of that French poetry yourself. Knowing how to use the language because you understand how it works. It's one thing to follow a recipe and cook a delicious meal. The approach we take here, though, is to teach you to understand the chemistry behind the flavors, experiment with ingredients, and create your own unique dishes.

Focus Only On What You Need

Speaking of dishes; only order the courses that interest you - Γ  la carte! If you've never tried learning another language, you could be overwhelmed about where to begin. FrenchBytes offers a powerful weapon: byte-sized learning that's both fun and flexible.

Don't Know What You Need To Learn?

We don't always know what we don't know. Just choose a path and we will send you on your merry way. ✌🏼

Mastering French in "Bytes"

Now for something nerdy. πŸ€“

Learning isn't just about cramming. With our spaced repetition alogorithm, we ensure that you avoid that. How? These exercises hibernate and then resurface later, keeping your French fresh in your mind.

Almost every lesson in every course unlocks "bytes" that will grow with you. They need time to hibernate, though. That way you can step away from the site, study French another way, then come back when you're ready.

Screenshot of what the bytes table looks like.
View for managing your bytes
Demonstration of solving an in-course exercise
Debug your French by "hacking the mainframe"!

French is More Than Words - Culture Included

Demonstration of solving an in-course exercise
Not a map of France

Did you know that France does not look like that? πŸ‘†πŸΌ You aren't here to learn cartography or geography, I know. But you will pick up some things that could dampen the culture shock and reduce it to a little faint tickle.

So, voulez-vous apprendre avec moi ce soir to debug your French?

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